Responsive Emails: Why & How

Statistics among the various digital platforms have the highest rate of email opening on mobile devices. These statistics simply mean that your email will look readable and beautiful. Responsive email design provides the best customer experience, but it doesn't convince business owners to switch it. Additionally, 70% of users immediately delete emails that are not properly supported on their mobile devices. Still not finding a reason for the responsive mailer to unleash the company's success potential. Responsive email templates are easier to write than emails from traditional HTML templates, so you may want to reconsider.

Know everything about AWS Cloud Computing & how it Make an Impact on Business?

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is Amazon's comprehensive cloud computing marketplace. It acts as an on-demand cloud computing platform that provides a variety of cloud computing models and deployment tools. Offering a variety of cloud services and products such as database storage, security, compliance, analytics, computation, networking, app management, IoT, developer tools, productivity tools, streaming platforms, and business applications: AWS is one of the top competitors in the cloud business. In addition, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, AWS enables businesses to scale widely.

Enhancement in IT Infrastructure security with checklist

Adoption of new technologies leads to qualitative growth, but at the same time, there is a high probability of quantitative data leakage. While adopting cloud technology, it is important to view the security of your infrastructure as one of your key responsibilities. There are various organizations that are still unsure about the security of their data in a cloud environment. What should be on the IT infrastructure security checklist for SMBs or any size organization looking for enhanced network security management? Summarized practical and actionable suggestions for enhancing business network security.