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A one-of-a-kind Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) at iVitesse's offshore delivery center at Pune, India; is well equipped with the latest tools, devices and technologies required to make every project a success. A customer-centric organization; iVitesse is committed towards delivering high quality products, systems and applications to all its customers.
A decade of rich experience in the industry, gives us the right kind of expertise in delivering complex projects that range in varied technologies, domains and methodologies. Our ISTQB certified professionals, ensure that our clients have a fully functional, error- free and efficient product & software.

Here is a list of areas in which we provide our expert services:

1. Application/Mobile Application Testing:

Today organizations are coping up with increasing dependency on Digital media along with other challenges, such as growing complexities and accelerating business cycle time. Such dynamics are pushing companies to re-think and re-invent their strategies and approach towards application testing. It is not doubt, that only those companies that demonstrate capabilities in managing high-quality applications and delivering an enhanced customer experience will be the ones, which will truly survive this tide of change and competition.

With the growing number of operating systems and large number of applications available in the market, it has become difficult to predict the success of these as per the customer expectations. At such times, team iVitesse strives to provide you with not only the best software and Mobile application testing services; but we also ensure that these services make your system, mobile, phone/tablet applications work flawlessly within all network services around the world.

2. Device Testing:
All Devices

We boast of the fact that some of the world's leading carriers rely on iVitesse to test and certify devices that run on their network. Our well structured pre-testing programs can shorten overall testing time, save money and protect your reputation. By choosing iVitesse, you are making the decision to protect the value of your brand. iVitesse can help reduce your risk by mitigating and eliminating financial and operational risks inherent in getting a product ready and introduced into a new market.

An all-encompassing expertise that ranges from a multitude of national and international specifications and regulations; iVitesse applies the highest technical standards to ensure impartial testing and independent judgement. Device Testing includes Set-Top-Box (STB) Testing, Android Testing, iOS Testing, DTH, DTT and IPTV Testing.

3. Game Testing:

One of the most challenging, yet thriving industries in the recent times has been the gaming industry. The gaming industry has greatly become diverse in its very nature, with a large variety in games and evolving gaming platforms, making it a very challenging field. Quality of games has become a major differentiator and a key factor in the success of the games.

The Game Testing Services at iVitesse have a wide range of gaming environments across platforms such as desktop, STB, console, mobile devices, tablets etc. With hundreds of games being released every day, flawless gaming experience has become the ultimate necessity. Keeping in mind this very objective, iVitesse game testing solutions include localized functionality, verification testing, Compliance testing, UI testing and Compatibility testing that help validate the user experience and consistent operation of games across various platforms.

4. Firmware Testing:

iVitesse is expert in Firmware Testing services ranging from DTH, DTT, and Terrestrial STB middleware. Our team has vast application testing expertise in various segments like streaming media.

Ivitesse believes that every project which involves firmware interaction to software should include a high-level suite of tests that are written against the firmware's interface to the software (e.g. Audio/Video, Ethernet, USB, etc). Our test suit exercises the complete set of functionality that is exposed to the software with the ability to test through a user interface.

Testing Tool
Testing Tool


The support services of iVitesse make helpdesk proactive, highly personalized, and more importantly, business aligned. Our minimal TAT (Turnaround Time) will help you to resolve issues faster so that you can focus on your core business area. By choosing iVitesse, you can achieve cost effective technical and helpdesk support that will help improve customer satisfaction, along with greater quality of customer support.

Mechanism of iVitesse Helpdesk Service:

    • Technical Support Levels- Support given for logging, tracking, resolution, and reporting of help desk incidents and service requests for all levels of           issues. Involves activities associated with regaining normal service operations as soon as possible and to reduce the adverse impact on business             operations.
    • Managing Service Request - Includes all activities - from accepting and logging of issues, to issue prioritization, issue fulfillment, and subsequent               closure.
    • Customer Account Management - Manage customer accounts via tools such as JIRA, Mantis and Google e-mail account.
    • JIT and Improvement - Just in Time (JIT) team helps in supporting new applications, software, and hardware rollouts, and in bringing changes to the         environment. Operational improvements are achieved by reducing the number of tickets, reducing recurring incidents, and performing effective root         cause analysis, problem management, and more.
    • Incident Squad Management (ISM) - For critical incidents, the ISM team immediately comes into action, opens up a conference bridge, coordinates for     resolution with multiple parties, and sends regular updates to business and IT stakeholders based on the escalation matrix.

Our 24X7 technical-support ensures that we deliver the best of services to our customers.

We take our responsibilities seriously:

    • Interacting with clients over the telephone and implementing certain actions with immediate effect to help set up systems or resolve issues.
    • Looking into troubleshooting system and network problems. Timely intervention with accurate diagnosis and solving hardware or software faults.
    • Extended support with generation of reports and providing including procedural documentation.
    • Roll-out of new applications.
    • Response within the agreed time limits to call-outs.
    • Working relentlessly and continuously on a task until completion (or even referral to third parties, if suited).
    • Multi-tasking while prioritizing and managing many open cases at one time.
    • Establishing a good and synergetic working relationship with customers and other professionals, such as software developers.

As an expert in various domains, iVitesse offers the best support in the industry

Helpdesk Offerings:

Technical Support
    • STB Technical Support
    • IT maintenance
    • Software support solutions
    • IT multivendor support
    • Remote Support
    • On Site Support
    • 24/7 Live
    • Incident Management
    • Review & escalation
    • User Satisfaction Analysis
    • Knowledge Base Devolvement
    • Remote Support

Ivitesse provides a range of Infrastructure Service Solution which ensures business continuity along with significant value add to customers in terms of measurable returns on Investments. Ivitesse Infrastructure services follow a well defined methodology, strict adherence to Service Level agreements and industry defined and benchmarked best practices.

System Management

Ivitesse provides end-to-end solutions covering the entire infrastructure spectrum starting from hardware, operating systems, applications and security .
    • Hardware Solutions : Lenovo, IBM, Dell
    • Software Licensing : Microsoft, Symantec
Focus Areas

Focus Area of Infrastructure Management services around following broad categories:
    • Data Center Management
    • Network Management
    • Desktop Management
    • Application Management
    • Hosting Service Management
    • AMC and Facility Management
    • Consultancy in Area of IT Infrastructure, Security
    • Messaging Solution
    • Firewall Implementation
    • Security Audit
    • Server consolidation
    • Active Directory implementation
    • Windows Server Migration
    • Router Deployment
    • Bandwidth Management Products Deployment
    • Disaster Recovery, Solutions & Implementation

Ivitesse provides a range of IT related staffing solution services to various industries. Ivitesse Resource Management Group follows a well defined process methodology with strong delivery support. Ivitesse has a dedicated team of highly trained and well experienced IT recruiters who drive the process of sourcing till hiring closure based on client needs. Using various innovative tools and analytical approach Ivitesse has designed unique solutions to deliver large scale and critical recruiting projects for clients of different sized and industries

Ivitesse offers following multiple options of staffing engagement models to clients:

    • Contract Staffing
    • Contract to Hire
    • Permanent Staffing
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • Implant Services
    • Turnkey Projects

Anyone can think. With resources one can consult. Ideas are just the beginning of progress. There must be a drive to act on those ideas. Our Advanced IT Services start with precision thinking, articulated by expert designers, followed by seamless execution, and we don't stop until the job is done. We do not deliver just solution, we ensure success, always.

Custom Application Development
Leveraging its state-of-art offshore development center in India, Ivitesse provides enterprises the advantage of custom software application development outsourcing.
At Ivitesse you get expert guidance in custom enterprise application design, develop, integrate and implement services for organizations that seek to enhance or create new business solutions.
We employ flexible methods to develop and maintain applications depending on the specific organizational requirement and project needs of our clients. While determining the required method to develop appropriate software for a project, we look into issues like:

    • Clarity of requirements initially specified
    • Stage of application lifecycle
    • Likely changes during the course of developing the project
    • Mode of interaction between the developing teams of Ivitesse and the clients
    • Time required to implement the whole project

We offer clients the benefit of our thorough knowledge of industry, technology components, software tools, enterprise application integration techniques, and multi-platform environments to create optimally integrated systems that support business and technology requirements.
Ivitesse assists clients from initial requirements definition, to architecture design, application selection and integration, and development and deployment. Our expertise includes:

    • Custom Application Design and development of open standards based systems, using Java/J2EE and other technologies
    • Design and development of content management systems for corporate intranets and extranets
    • Internationalization and localization of Web applications
    • Web-enablement of legacy applications

Upgrade and Migration (Technology Transformation)
Constant evolutions in IT make it increasingly difficult to keep you updated and equipped for new challenges. Organizations at some time face the problem of shifting their existing systems to the world of universal computing while still retaining the advantage of conventional and established business models. That's where Ivitesse contributes/helps its Upgrade and Migration Services. Our time-tested services help our customers by transforming their legacy information systems into strategic enablers that support the growing needs of their businesses. With these services, Ivitesse can update technology effectively and quickly. A flexible and cost effective infrastructure gives you ample time to focus on your business needs.

At Ivitesse we aim to provide you with faultless upgrades of your systems and also take care to plan, install, test and provide support to you. There is bound to be a reduction in your costs for maintaining your upgraded system. Our customizable service levels meet your organization's unique needs and goals, including coverage for different time and geographical zones.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
In today’s intense competition, operational efficiencies, cost concerns, revenue pitfalls and growth management are the major concerns for most of the organizations. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) aims at improving process efficiency with respect to a set of performance metrics within the organization.

BPR services at Invitesse focus on efficiency and endeavor to attain radical improvements using redesign techniques and process analysis. Recognizing the fact that not all organizations are at the same level of process maturity, Ivitesse offers different levels of engagement within the spectrum of BPR to meet the different objectives of its customers.

To execute the BPR projects, Ivitesse follows a comprehensive methodology that has six phases namely, Initiating changes, envision new processes, process diagnosis, reconstruction, process monitoring and process redesign.

Process Enhancement and Optimization (PEO)
Companies operate under tremendous pressure to achieve more with less. As businesses look to deliver enhanced value proposition to stakeholders, the organisations take a sharper and evolving view on making processes to deliver beyond maximum.

Ivitesse helps organizations achieve these goals. Our PEO offerings combine deep industry expertise, measurable process enhancement, and technology capabilities that adapt our services to your unique business environments. We take care to match your requirements while being efficient and save extra costs which come from our balanced approach to technology and business needs. As a result we provide clients with optimized work processes and a high degree of productivity and efficiency.


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