With Ivitesse you start for a successful career in a company that has decades of legacy and is building its exceptional growth on a solid foundation of innovation, leadership and values. Ivitesse uniquely blends flexibility of small organization with stability of a big organization. Our successful employees who are masters in their respective domains are highly regarded by the industry. Our holistic approach towards work makes our people as collaborative as they go beyond their defined roles and excels in their capacities combined with lots of fun and mutual success. Ivitesse promises to offer the best of both the worlds you can dream of.

At Ivitesse we invest in people to make it a place where you can build a satisfying career. It is not just a place where you spend a couple of years learning some new skills that will add few more zeros to your purse in the marketplace when you move on. Our statements might sound a bit old-fashioned, but we believe in it, as a critical part of building a company, and a thriving community of truly global in all horizons of business.

HR philosophy at Ivitesse focuses on employee’s development as we feel that it is the employees that make us. Our policies are employee centric which provide ample scope for creative thinking and innovative ideas under challenging environment. We believe in a flat hierarchal structure where every employee has access to the top management and can seek advice and guidance in any professional or personal issues. Our focus on employee development has reinforced our belief in the form of better retention capabilities than many of our competitors. We are confident that the organization is proceeding with the right earnest in the right direction.

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